Monday, 24 July 2017

Small is Powerful- Accidental Anarchist

 Excellent documentary of an ex- British diplomat's investigation into C21st power.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

In the week

A few bits from the Bedddington Farmlands obs in the week.

 Sparrowhawk taking a juvenile Starling in the Obs garden. Also neighbour Ian reported a Hedgehog most evenings and also Barn Owl. Tomos had two Barn Owls also. 
 I went for Lychnis on this- although Campion is also a possibility? 
 Chequered Fruit Tree Tortrix 
Skin Moth 

Gove's drivel

I can't even muster up the energy to rant about this nonsense. Here's Avery's take:

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Chobham Common - Nightjar magic

A very productive evening yesterday with David at Chobham Common. Several Nightjars displaying and also Woodcock.  We parked in the Monument Car Park and walked to an open area and they were seemingly everywhere. 

Click on to listen to various vocalisations including male churring, male wing-clapping, female yelping and then at the end presumably a male 'bubbling'? 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Weekend Wanderings

Had a nice long weekend. Friday evening moth trapping at the farmlands, Saturday at the Old Vicarage, Sunday family day out at Warwick Castle and today we had a family picnic at Bernwood Forest. As always there's nature exploring to do everywhere and anywhere- here's a few highlights. 

The Old Vicarage
Spotted Flycatcher- sorry to say I think it's just a single bird around this year (last year a pair bred at Holly's) 
Waved Black- a moth tick for me
Red Twin-spot Carpet (I think) - another moth lifer
Pebble Prominent- a new one for the Old Vicarage list 
and the Spotted Fly again in the garden

Bernwood Forest 
Silver-washed Fritillary - loads of these.  We also had quite a few Purple Hairstreaks and a frustrasting brief view of what looked like a Purple Emperor. More on Bernwood Forest HERE
Brown Hawker - a few of these hunting along the rides 
Waitrose picnic with Silver-washed Frits whizzing around and Purple Hairstreaks darting around at the top of the overhead oaks- most pleasant indeed

Warwick Castle 
Nice grounds laid out by the famous gardener Capability Brown. Lots of interesting trees, plenty of insects about and some really nice habitat along the River Avon
Lovely bit of river round the back of the castle
Bald Eagle (photo by Holly Showell who did indeed achieve a more superior photograph of a bird than me on this occasion and will remind me of it daily until the end of times) 

The most impressive bird of prey display I've ever seen- Andean Condor, White-tailed Eagles, Lammergeir (above), Bald Eagle (above) and Veraux's Eagle Owl. 

The Beddington Farmland Obs
The Wormwood- a first for the farmlands
Here's the Hedgehog from Thursday evening again- brilliant to see 
The Incinerator at night (while Hedgehogging). Like it or not this is to stay for at least a while and it certainly is a striking feature- just a shame our efforts to make industry and nature work together are failing due to Viridor's lack of commitment to the restoration and reserve development.  A devastating squandered opportunity for the future of this area. Just nice to get away from here nowadays. 

Friday, 14 July 2017


Met up with Tomos yesterday evening for a spot of hedgehogging in the dark. 

Tomos has recently seen up to four on the Southern Mound (a partly restored area) and there are also up to three on the Bedzed estate. 

We saw one animal by the gate near the path. No sign of the Barn Owl last night but they are still around too.